CROSSFIT: we say a movement is “functional” if it’s natural and therefore reflects everyday actions; these movements are realized with the contraction of different muscles. The goal of this workout is to develop a good-looking, toned and strong body through exercises that reflect our body basic functions.

CROSSFIT TRIAL: Free trail of the CrossFit class

ON RAMP: technical introductory classes for beginners in which basic movements are learned through a low-intensity workout

GYMNASTIC: specific gymnastic classes to improve your strength, speed and articular mobility in order to perform movements to the best; it will allow you to better perform in CrossFit classes

MOBILITY: to improve flexibility, extension and relaxation of muscles, tendons and ligaments, it will increase your ability to sustain burdens and help you prevent injuries

WEIGHTLIFTING: technical weightlifting classes in which you have the chance to learn and improve movements such as clean, clean & jerk, snatch, squat.

TRX: suspension training performed through a series of exercises in which your body is deeply imbalanced in order to improve your strength, balance and endurance; we work with the core of our body that is the fundamental muscular system controlling our posture

OPENGYM: the box is open for the athletes part of “Deed and the Gang” following the training program #TRW (#therightway)

PERSONAL TRAINER: individual training session with a dedicated coach in order to provide you with a customized training program that respects your timing and focused on what you want to improve. Training, athletic conditioning and rehabilitation are meant to prepare you for high level performances.