CrossFit community is respectful, polite and virtuous. These are our rules.

  • Be on time: you must be at the WOD (workout of the day) at least 5 minutes before it starts; if you’re late you’ll have to wait for the next WOD and pay with 10 burpees for each belated minute. If you can’t come to the WOD you booked you must cancel your reservation at least 4 hours before the WOD starts, so that we can give to one of your mates the chance to join in; if you don’t call off, you’ll lose a class you paid for.
  • Participate: encourage others and let them encourage you, help and let the others help you; we sustain and respect each other and have fun together.
  • Pay attention to your coach instructions: ask questions, learn and listen carefully to instructions. Be humble! It’s hard at the beginning, but you’ll improve sooner than you think
  • Keep everything clean and in order: take care of the equipment; disrespectful behaviors will cost you 10 burpees! At the end of the workout make sure to leave the box clean and pick up the tools you have used
  • Be discreet: you don’t need to make loud noises to perform well your exercises.
  • Be respectful: we train, sweat, have fun, spend time together, but we don’t judge each other; don’t teach your mates because you don’t have the adequate competences to do it, but your coach does! Ask him for help.
  • Have fun: this way it will be easier to face great challenges. Your grimace of pain will become a smile of satisfaction.
  • Be virtuous: do ordinary things in an extraordinary way! Train your fundamental movements.
  • Train yourself: the only way to achieve your goals is with perseverance and effort; give the best you can, don’t be afraid, you can do everything with strong will and patience; the greatest challenge is beating yourself!
  • Be humble and honest: listen to instructions and try to improve! Perform carefully all the different techniques and repetitions! Skipping exercises or doing them in the wrong way to finish first won’t make you improve, on the contrary, you increase the risk of hurting yourself. Respect yourself by doing the right thing!
  • Leave your EGO out of the door! Somewhere in the box, somebody is warming up with your max weight rep
  • Dress properly: wear comfortable clothes for the workout
  • You’re important: your advice is precious to us and you should feel free to share your needs with us.